Google Sync with Droid and Macbook


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Nov 15, 2009
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1st this is the BEST phone ever , BB old user and this BLOWS it away. One problem, signed up for google email account and somehow sync with macbook with all my contacts etc. When i sign out and go back in to google email my contats are there . Some contact are 2 some 3 some 4 times.??? Not all just some. About 3x a day a pop up comes up on screen to sync to my google account and has like 80 deleted 155 added. How do i stop this sync, and why is this happening ? My phone has the contact only 1x but when u click the contact then has that persons name with the same phone number 4x... HELP !!! any thoughts or Google 800 number would be perfect. Other then this this phone is AMAZING. One bad thing is the send key and delete key should be on different sides thats IT!