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Nov 9, 2009
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The Google Search bar has now somehow moved to the middle of my screen and I cannot move it back. How can I fix this.

Alternatively, a previous Google Search is still "stuck" on the search screen. How can I get rid of this?
Don't have the phone yet, but I'm guessing long tap on the google search bar, drag it to wehre you want it, drop it. Also to remove your search, im guessing click in the text box itself, delete your previous search, click out.....again, i don't have the phone, so this is a guess.
Delete the search bar widget off your screen and then add a new one.

See if that works
tab on the edge of it and hold for a few second and you will notice at the bottom of the screen a trash can will show up, this will allow you to then drag it around and if need remove, drag it all the way down
progress! got the search bar back ... still trying to get rid of the K search. didnt get a trash can to show up but hey, it's passing the time ... somewhat.
the google search used to always popup. Anything on the desktop can be removed by a long hold- till the apps menu turns to a red trash can, then drag it there.
Glad I wasn't the only one with this problem. The long press widget thing worked. The trash can threw me off for a second, it looked like the arrow on the tab
is there a way to drag an item from one home screen to another or do u have to delete then re add it??
is there a way to drag an item from one home screen to another or do u have to delete then re add it??

You can do it. Press the icon until you can move it, then pull it over to the edge of the screen, then slide the icon up and down along the edge, until it moves to the next screen. It doesn't work easily, it took some practice to do it, but it works. I'm hoping the next update will smooth it out.
Thanks for the how to fix Google search bar. Mine got messed up after the update. Deleted from home page and added search widget back.
I have the Galaxy Nexus out on the FedEx truck on it's way to me, and I was looking at a co-workers Nexus last night and noticed that ICS has the google search bar on every damn screen. That's just stupid imo... I wouldn't mind it if it was just on the home screen, but why every screen? They should have an option to turn that widget off.. that's my only complaint so far :(

I don't want to root to get rid of it, is there a hidden setting somewhere to disable it?
No hidden setting. You have 2 options: Root and install custom rom or stay stock and install a different launcher.

I like Nova Launcher, it looks exactly like the stock ICS launcher but with more features.

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Another way to make it disappear if you're stock is go into your apps under settings. Click on the "all" tab. When you see "google search" click on it, and disable it. It makes it go away on all the screens. The only downside is that you still can't use that now empty space for anything else, it is still "there", just hidden.

That's one nice thing with ICS is that you can disable any apps you want while stock.