Google location in dolphin browser


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Dec 19, 2009
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Does anyone know why the location on Googles home page says location unavailable on the dolphin browser? The settings are the same as the default browser which shows my location.
I have the same problem. It's been happening since the Dolphin "update"....It seems this has been going on for a long time. Which indicates that Dolphin is either unable to fix this or they don't think it's worth the effort. Either way isn't good and suggests they don't support the Android system. The location on Google works with the stock browser, Firefox, and Chrome on my Razr Maxx; just doesn't work with Dolphin. Some could argue that this is a "minor" issue and why worry. I worry because it indicates a lack of ability or interest for Android which means there are likely other issues that won't get the attention it needs. It also always bothers me when something doesn't work properly and there is an attemp to make the consumer feel like they're being unreasonable to expect that it should work properly. I think I'm going back to Chrome or Firefox.
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