Google Instant hitting Android devices.

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Oct 29, 2009
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Phone scoop reports:

Google today introduced a change to its main internet search product called Google Instant. From, users who are signed into their accounts will see that Google Search performs instantaneous searches for queries as users type them. The tool is right now only available from desktop browsers. However, Google noted that Google Instant will be made available to Android devices via the Android browser at some point later this fall. The goal behind Google Instant is to reduce the time it takes to conduct searches and boost personal productivity.

Source: Phone Scoop
This is true, as I'm sure many of us have seen. However, it appears the "Do not use Google instant" setting in the search options does not work. Whether I select the "use" or "do not use" option, I still get suggestions.

I never cared for this. I hope they correct the issue soon!