Google Calendar Reminders - help!


Jan 9, 2010
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Hi all, I am having a couple of glitches with the Google Calendar app and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

1. I created an event via the Web, on my computer. My calendar is currently configured to *not* automatically set any reminders for new events. I opened the Calendar app on the Droid, scrolled down to that new event, clicked it, and under "Reminders" I clicked "Add reminder", which slides in a 30 minute reminder. That looked good, so I hit the "Back" hard button. The app said "Saving event...". When I touch the event again, the reminder isn't there. If I hit Menu and then Edit Event, Add Reminder, then Done, the reminder is properly saved. Is this a bug?

2. Reminders created in this fashion (added via the Droid) appear to be created as type "Pop-Up". Unfortunately, that means that when the reminder fires, I get a Javascript alert on my computer's browser *and* an on-screen notification on my Droid. Is there any way to make it so that reminders appear on-screen only on my Droid?