Good news app?


Dec 11, 2009
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AP Mobile was a great app with a lot of customization, but after the recent update it takes 30sec at least to load 1 news story...extremely annoying. Any good news app?
Give the USA Today app a whirl, I like it a lot and there is a lot of sections to it plus it's free on the marketplace.
Version 2.1 has a Google News/Weather widget. There is a thread around here somewhere that lets you install it on 2.0.1. Haven't used it so I can't give a review, but others seem to like it.
You only want "Good News" can't help you with that :)

I found one called Newspapers which is pretty great, has links to the news sites from around the world.
You only want "Good News" can't help you with that :)

LOL, that's for sure... I've disabled several of my regular feeds because (not to sound insensitive) but I'm sick of all the Haiti crap (got nearly 100 feeds about it yesterday alone). I'll turn them back on this weekend if it calms down.

Oh, for what it's worth people may want to stay clear of WSJ feeds for a while, their RSS SUCKS... it continually triple+ posts the same feed for no reason. I'm not sure if user comments cause a re-post or what but it wastes a lot of time.
Check out the Thomson Reuters news app. It's by far the best thing I've seen. The UI is beautiful and functional. You can also disable image loading, which speeds it up quite a bit.

Full disclosure: I work for Thomson Reuters, but have no vested interest in this app. I just think it's extremely well executed compared to other apps in the same space.
Check out NubiNews. It offers a number of choices including CNN, NY Times, Reuters, a number of tech mags, etc. Each offering includes categories, eg for CNN, World, political, business; and each category then offers headlines that can be clicked on for a fuller story.
Check out the Thomson Reuters news app.
Thanks for the tip. I downloaded the app and it looks really nice. I disabled picture loading and it is quite functional. I'm roaming on 1x and it still loaded reasonably fast. I also like the category layout, it makes it easy to skip sections that don't interest me.