Go see The Runaways now!


Dec 12, 2009
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Just saw it and it was a great movie. Joan Jett was an executive producer and Kristen Stewart did her own singing. I know Dakota Fanning did some if not all of her own singing as well. An awesome film.

Another great filc is Control. The movie about Joy Division. Fabulous performances there too. On DVD, don't think it is in theaters anymore.
I'm not usually a fan of movies about singers or bands, but maybe I'll check this out. I kinda like Dakota Fanning (not in THAT way, just as an impressive actress since she was a little tyke).

Last good movie I remember about bands/singers was Walk the Line...another one where they all did their own singing. I actually like Phoenix's renditions of some of Johnny Cash's songs better than the original.
Dakota was pretty damn good. She's really grown up (all of 16 years old - she recently had her birthday). Casting was great. Although the other band members were not as featured as Joan and Cherie, the casting director found actors that are strikingly similar to the real girls.

I have a strange connection to Joan Jett and so really interested in seeing what they did with this movie. I hope it becomes a success.
Since I am a big rock music fan I am going to watch The Runaways for sure. Just have to find the time to go to the cinema. I also loved Walk the Line, a really impressive tribute to the late great Johnny Cash. There's also a quite good Buddy Holly movive but that's at least 15 years old I think.
my wife wants to see it so ill be seein it myself. she thought it came out last week, which it did in limited release, but not here in vegas so going to have to wait till april 9
Yes! "I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL........"
Oh, so we have to wait until the begin of April. Two weeks to go .... Music movies are always great to watch at the cinema because people are in great mood, clapping and singing along the music, just like at a rock concert. Sometimes it can be distrubing but generally it's fun.