Gmail & Yahoo Mail Hang when Tethered


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Jul 24, 2010
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This is my first smart phone and it is the Droid X, killer phone! My problem is when I am Easy Tethered to my laptop I cannot access Gmail or my Yahoo mail. After I hit the link to go to the sign in page it just hangs and then times out.
I have no problem with my aircard, only when accessing the email through my tethered Droid X. Gmail goes straight to half the download bar and yahoo just creeps until it times out.
I have disabled my Kaspersky Anti Virus which will sometimes make pages hang the same way. Leads me to believe it is a firewall issue but I'm not sure. Any insight would be appreciated.
Really? There is no one that has had a problem like this. Or is it that there is no solution.
Do I have this right, your Droid X is USB-ed to a laptop to check email ? or is it DLNA-ed or Bluetooth-ed
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Using my Droid X as a modem tethered to my laptop. I am using the cable that came with the phone that connects it to the usb on my laptop and also it adapts as a wall charger. No luck checking email, but yeah that's the idea anyways. It surfs the web just fine, fast too.
I don't know if my problem was the same as yours but I had a droid tethered to my pc and couldn't get gmail but I could get all other sites. My tether program blocks https on the free version and gmail defaults to https. I bought the upgrade for $10 and gmail works fine.