Gmail question on Eris


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Apr 9, 2010
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I searched a bit but could not find the right answer I'm looking for so here it goes. I updated to the 2.1root and forgot to back up all my contact ect. I try'ed to sign into my Gmail account and I forgot my password, and apparently forgot to set up a backup email on the Gmail account. So now I have to wait 24 hrs and then try to log in and get my security question. So my question is, in the mean time while waiting for the 24 hrs to go buy, can I set up anotherGmail account, and once the 24 is up and I can retreve my existing account am I able to have to have 2 Gmail accounts on the phone? Or will I have to delete my new account?

And how do I know what the primary email is? would it be the first gmail account that is put on the phone? I have my roadrunner email on there already, that wouldn't be the primary would it since it was the first email account on the phone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks