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Nov 17, 2009
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All of a sudden today my gmail has a glitch. When trying to load conversations, I get a "No Connection" message with a "Try Again" button. I have connectivity.

The summary view shows new emails, but when entering the label or the inbox, I get the above message/button. I searched around and I found a few with a similar issue but rebooting the phone cleared it for them. Rebooting has not fixed it for me.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I was indeed signed in. Unfortunately, I think I tried everything so I decided to do a factory reset. While it was a bit of a pain, it did fix the issue. I hope that it's not a common occurrence.
so you're saying you had to do a factory reset and lose all your settings/apps/and everything you put on there? There must be some other way to fix this. I have the same problem right now and I'm so mad I might just return my droid all together.
i agree. this could definitely be a deal breaker if i have to do a factory reset. I have only had this phone for about a week and a half. Someone must know another way...
Same problem here. Gmail emails are not being pushed to my phone. I have to refresh or do a battery pull to get it working again. LAME!
i woke up this morning and turned on my phone and the gmail was working. not sure why, but i guess we will see if this happens again. would still like to know why this happened and how to fix it when it happens. anyone else experiencing this??
weird my gmail started working in the early morning as well . . .
Mine started working late last night and now its not working again...
Go to your contact list and press the menu button and click on"Display Accounts"

Click on your gmail account and it will show the status of the GMail sync connection. The past few days mine has said something like "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be fixed soon"

This has been a few days now, so not my idea of soon. I also used a task killer and killed the gmail app, but I used one before so I'm not sure if thats the real problem.

I think it had something to do with me using the "always use https" option a few days ago in gmail. This option prevents the PC program "GMail Notifier" from working, and could also be the reason for my phone not syncing anymore, although I thought it would have been fixed when I changed the setting back, but nope.

Looks like I might be doing a reset to fix this as well.
I have been having this problem for quite some time now, but just figured out how to get it working on mine.

I turned off the automatic sync to gmail so that I can save some battery life (do this from the power bar widget that I put on my desktop). Or you can turn this on by going into settings>accounts>gmail account>turn on sync.

This fixed it for me, hope it does for you.

I have my phone linked to 3 separate gmail accounts. I started getting the "No Connecttion" error on the primary gmail account last night (this is the gmail account I logged into @ the Verizon store when I first received my droid). I tried to delete the account, but the phone wont let you delete the primary gmail account.

Note: Before you try the solution below, I would back up your contacts just to be safe. I didn't lose any of mine, but this never hurts. (Contacts > Press Menu button > Choose Import/Export).

I searched a bit and came across this:
Troubleshooting sync - Mobile Help
App: Troubleshooting sync


On Android devices, the Gmail application is automatically synced with the Gmail server, and vice versa. If you experience problems with syncing, try clearing your device's Gmail application data and doing a fresh sync with the server.

Just follow these steps:

1. Press your device's < Home > button, then press < Menu >.
2. Select Settings and then Applications.
3. Select Manage applications.
3a. (On the Driod, you then have to press Menu
again, press Filter, and choose the Show All option)
4. Select Gmail Storage and then select Clear data. Answer OK when prompted.
5. Return to the list of applications by pressing the < Back > key.
6. Select Gmail and then select Clear data. Answer OK when prompted.
7. Restart your device (Press and hold the < End call > button, then select Power off. Press < End call > to power on).

Your device will re-sync with the server after restarting (this may take several minutes)