Gmail login-error


Apr 22, 2010
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Late last week I noticed I had a log in error for my gmail account. Pressing on the error notice brought up a box that said password failure or the account had changed and gave me a box to enter the password. Entered the password and it started authenticating and came back with the same thing password failure. So went and checked the sync in settings and it said sync was unavailable. Later that night sync came back and I rebooted the phone and the error message went away. Every day since then I get the same error message with the same response when I type in the password. I've logged in on the website so I know the password is correct. I've done a battery pull and I've done *228 and reprogrammed the phone and I'm still getting that error.

What else is there to do that I haven't done? I'm getting the error message but it's not stopping the emails being pushed through. I just want the error code gone. Every time I reboot or do a battery pull, it goes away for 24 hours, but then it's right back the next day.