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Mar 19, 2010
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when i got my droid the other day i had to sign up for a gmail account. not a big deal except the girl that was helping me on VZW spelled the login name way wrong and its annoying me. how can i change the primary google acount name ?
do a factory reset, and then add a new google acount that i want? i could import all my contacts from the google acount that i dont want but as a secondary acount?
Not sure what you mean by the second question, but the answer is likely yes...
There is a way... I am trying to figure it out... I already did it once but forgot how because I want to change it again. I know you have to go into manage apps and then one of the google apps you need to clear the cache... this then erases the old email and when you try to check your email you will have to log back on, which you can log on with any new email that you created.
why not just click on Gmail icon, that then shows any gmail accounts you have listed > then click on Menu > Account settings > then under Manage accounts click on the account that they mispelled > then at bottom of phone click on Remove account.
Once that is all done, sign up for a new gmail account and spell it the way you want it spelled.
I have a new VZ droid and thanks to the droid forum figured out how to add addl accounts to my gmail. but how do I see them on my phone. they are not showing up yet and I put one on 2 days ago. Aren't they supposed to show up automatically on my phone? I've got them loading into my gmail acct and I can see them on the computer, just not on the phone.
gmail icon > menu > accounts > account settings > make sure Sync is ON
Now I see...I was looking at my default mail program thinking that was the gmail program. when I looked in gmail, following your instructions...there they were! woohoo! thank you. Is there a way to get rid of that default mail program...that is really confusing.
the "Email icon" is there and used for other types of email accounts that can be set up using IMAP like Yahoo, or exchange server email accounts, etc.
If it is on your main home screen, just hold the icon down and drag it to the bottom trash can at bottom of screen as you are dragging it.....if it is in your applications menu, then it will stay there and just don't get confused and click on it lol.
Ok. I'm getting the hang of it. It's very confusing at first. I do notice that my facebook and googlegroups notifications come in through that one and that is convenient. I'll have to see if there is a way to not have the brewmaven email on there tho. Thank you for your assistance! It's great!