Getting water damaged phone fixed


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Jun 16, 2010
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So I dropped my phone in the sink a few days ago. And yes, I did the dumbest thing humanly possible after I did so - turned it on to see if it worked. I realized this was stupid and turned it off and took out the battery/SIM card, but I knew I probably already fried it. So I left it in rice for 3 days, took it out this morning - everything works except the screen. I can unlock the phone and feel the vibration, if I press and hold on the screen I can feel an app icon being picked up, and I know the audio and vibrate work because I tried changing the ring volume on the side.

So here's the thing - I know this is "wrong" or whatever but I'm really not asking for your moral opinion on this. I checked the water indicator on the phone under the battery cover, and it did not go off (it's still white with red X's). The one on the battery did, but I have an extra battery that was not in the phone at the time so I put that one in now. I am still covered under warranty on this phone, so if I took it to Verizon and simply told them that the screen stopped working, would they give me a refurb? Or would they actually open it, look at it, and see some kind of water damage? I'm not sure of how their whole process works.

I'm just gonna post this here instead of making a new thread.

So after looking at my phone some more, I noticed a red dot that's sort of in a hole in the phone, above the right hand corner of the battery.

In that picture, the white circle (I have an arrow pointing to it) is the circle that looks red on my phone. I'm a bit puzzled as to how this could happen since there are no red X's on it in that picture like the other water sensors, but why is mine red when that one is white?