Getting upgrade, dunno which Droid


Feb 3, 2010
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Hey everyone Im finally up for an upgrade and at a loss on what to get. Moto Droid or Droid Incredible, get them both at same price. I like having a physical keyboard but not heard good things from the Moto Droid about. Using Samsung Omnia crappy touch screen keyboard. I did like the HTC keyboard on Droid Inc but still caught between the two. :( Any suggestions?
Go play with both of them and then see which one you like. If rooting is a necessity, then the Droid, if latest and greatest is your thing, then the Inc. It's too personal a decision for anyone but you to make.
the only thing i can tell you is that you need to try them out for yourself. there should be demo phones there for you to use.

it's a matter of preference when it comes to phones.
From what I've read, the Incredible is snappier due to the snapdragon processor (even more than an OCd droid).

I have a moto droid and although the incredible would be sweet, I like the physical keyboard too much, I HATE typing on the screen keyboard
If you look around a bit, you'll see this trend:

Need a hardware keyboard? Motorola.
Software keyboard ok? Incredible.

Next time spend a little more time lurking before posting so you don't get flamed.

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I agree that it would be nice to have a real keyboard but I like how thin my Inc is, plus once I download swype Im sure I will miss that "real" keyboard even less
It's a matter of personal preference. You have to spend time with each,and decide which one you wanna take home with ya after playing with them for a when you pick out a puppy - except these are Droids... they're lil' robots...not - puppies...I'm gonna stop now.
Don't get either one. Wait for the next big thing to come along. Then you can be the first person to start the first of these threads rather than number 1800.
i have only had my inc for2 days but these are the points to consider between the two as far as i can tell so far.

moto droid -
-physical keyboard
-noise canceling dual mic system
-slightly better resolution
-can get root access =wifi tether and other customizations

droid Inc. -
-faster (yes faster than a droid clocked to 1.2, i had one)
-sense ui (dont knock it till you try it, its great)
-far superior camera
-far superior music player
-no physical keyboard
-native flash player (better than skyfire)
Incredible all the way. I had the Moto Droid and returned it for the incredible. It far surpasses the Moto Droid
Wait till the 20th and see if the Ally drops on verizon. LG has a better track record than moto and no sense ui junk. [my opinion]
DROID! not the new cheap plastic one.. the original that started it all ... MOTO DROID!