GB: What Happened to my Ringtones? Handscent and Gmail?


Sep 20, 2010
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It seems that my notifications just stopped working correctly. All my audible notifications are some loud, default, ringing sound (Gmail, Handscent, connecting my phone to my PC). This was all working fine yesterday with GB and I have to think all of this is related.

When I go into the phone's Settings / Sound / Notification Ringtone, I get a pop up window that says, "Ringtones", and the box simply says, OK or Cancel.

When I go into Gmail Settings / Select ringtone, I get a similar pop up box, where the only two options are, Default Ringtone or Silent.

When I go into Handscent Settings / Notification Settings / Notification Settings / Notification Sound, I see, Silent, Default, Current, System and Music. Short of choosing a song, when I select Music, none of the other options allow me to actually select a notification sound.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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