Frg22 market fix?


Feb 13, 2010
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I upgraded to the newest rom, after I installed the market fix from an old froyo rom. I looked at my build number and it showed an older version on my build. Had test keys 3333333 or something like that. Is there a newer market fix? I'm on my droid so it wouldn't let me search the forum. Thank you for any help.
That's exactly what the market fix does. It changes the build prop file to make the market think you are running build number frx33333 or something to that effect. That way the market does not block access to certian apps where the devs don't want people running leaked roms to download their product.

The market seemed to work extremely well for me (an oddity) yesterday, idk if it was because froyo was "released" and google changed the market slightly or it was because i wiped my sdcard. Its slightly slower today but a lot faster than its been in the past months.