Force Stop Messaging


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Nov 15, 2009
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I have had my Droid for about 4 days now and for about the last day it seems like whenever I am texting more than one person at a time, every 10-15 texts or so my droid decides to freeze up for about 30 seconds then asks to Force Stop or Wait. Picking either works and the phone is back to normal.

Anyone have anything else like this or any idea how to fix it?
same here...quite annoying. seems to be if i lock my phone while in an sms thread..when new text comes, it locks up...however if i return to home before locking, its ok.
I had that same problem and called up Verizon and they told me that a lot of people are calling about that and it s a software glitch ,the person told me that the dec update should fix that.
To be honest mine stopped doing that but now it just freezes up and wont let me txt unles i open the keyboard and then it works ,kinda annoying