Flashing Lights


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Nov 12, 2009
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I know this is a pretty newbie question. This is my first smartphone. What exactly do the flashing green and blue lights mean? I'm assuming green flashing is for new e-mails? and blue is for new texts or IM notifications?

Red is for low battery. Mine has flashed green for all new messages. Not sure about blue.
From what I've read:

Green: New Messages
Red: Low Battery
Blue: Facebook Message

Anyone else have info on the default LED status lights.

I have also read you can customize the LED notification lights too.
i remmeber on my g1 i was able to customise what color certain apps would blink so that i would know if i had to answer my phone or not lol
WOW! I can't believe I had never noticed the flashing lights (my old HTC was always flashing, so I never paid any attention to the color changes). I feel so silly now.
I love the colored lights, allows me to leave my phone safely in my truck on job sites and then just occasionally peer through the window to check.