Flash on camera while on a phone call---droid INCREDIBLE


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May 31, 2010
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Well I finally found a down fall on the Incredible. It seems while your on a call you cant use the flash on the camera. This is annoying, since even though it maybe only be a few times every week or so, the flash on the camera is necessary. I was describing to my friend how I had jimmy-riged a lock to shut a gate he's been having issues with and told him to hold on so I could take a pic to send later. Well this was around 10 pm in a very dimly lit area. Well to my surprise the flash wasnt coming on. when I hit the flash button to ativate the switch, after assuming I must have some how accidently truned it off, the message popped up saying among other things that due to me being on a phone call the flash cannot be used.... Are you serious? Why can't I use the flash while on the call? I had a Palm Pre before this and one thing I loved was I could snap pictures at my leisure (flash in use) and be on the phone. Unfortunately I see this being a major draw back. Many of you may say that its not but wait till your on a the phone late at night but want to snap a pic and you dont have your flash its a total bummer. And unfortunately theres no app to activate the leds without being rooted or paying for an app that will lock your cam up, illiminating the purpose when it comes to this situation for that app (which comes in handy at other times).