Flash An Unsecure Bootloader To Your Galaxy SIII With Casual!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The cat and mouse game continues. Verizon had patched up previous bootloader unlock methods for the Galaxy S3. Today Adam Outler along with the help of some other developers released a method for flashing an unsecure bootloader to the S3! The latest version of Casual will root your device and then flash the unsecured bootloader. This will only work on Mac or Linux for now.

It should be noted that once this unsecure bootloader is flashed to your device you will not be able to accept any official ota updates. If you do you may very well hard brick your device. If you decide to do this you will only be able to run custom roms for now.

Adam Outler posted this warning
“Let me make this clear. If Samsung updates your device’s bootloaders, using this tool could potentially brick your device. Once you apply this,
never accept a factory update without first flashing the Odin Packages in the Original Post of this thread. As a general rule, you want to be the last guy to apply any Samsung update. Run custom

This is pretty big news for the GS3 community. Some folks had unknowingly accepted the update which relocked their bootloader and made it impossible to mod their device. This opens up Roms and mods once again for them. Now if only we could get this done for the latest ota on the GS4 and maybe even on the new GN3 when it is released!