Fitness Friday 3/20/15


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Dec 23, 2009
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I have one simple tip for today and forever. Conquer TODAY!!!!! Proverbs, the Bible, and philosophers share a saying that says Yesterday is in the past and Tomorrow is not here (or promised), all you can do is take care of Today. Whether it be with your family, work, or fitness use the past as a tool to learn from but not dwell on. Do not concern yourself that you failed yesterday or the day before. Instead ask yourself why you failed and take that knowledge to better position yourself to succeed. Because I want you to take today and give all you have as if this is your last day cherishing the gift the Creator has bestowed upon us, the gift of the present. And take this gift and give it your all, be the best husband, wife, father, mother, friend, co-worker, citizen, son, daughter you can be. Because if you keep looking at tomorrow as the day you will change you will one day look up to realize years have gone by and you have yet to move. So no longer put off until tomorrow or allow yesterday to scare you from your potential. Today is the day we give the best effort we can give living this day with no regret. Go conquer Today.