First smart phone: Droid X... Not too shabby!


Jul 26, 2010
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This was exactly what I was waiting for! There was no way I was switching to AT&T and didn't believe the Iphone hype (not an Apple guy, except for the Ipod, but really, what's better?) so I waited patiently for its true rival to arrive and I believe it has. My last phone was the LG Env3 as I was pretty sure I only needed a phone for texting and maybe talking with the ability to check the weather and scores. Then, as my frustration grew while I toiled with a phone that seemed to no longer do anything useful, the Droid came out. Hmm... all the bells and whistles AND a keypad (I, like many, believed I was a buttons only person). My friend got it and I was pretty blown away by so many features it had. He also mentioned, after spending some time with it, he never used the keypad. Interesting. But, I had some time to kill on my contract. Then the Incredible comes out and now I'm getting really curious. I think you know where the story goes from here... I wait awhile, again, because of my contract, I find myself researching like a fiend for all things android, rumors of a new Motorola phone surface, and I now know I need it. So, the Droid X is confirmed with a release date and I start wondering about early upgrades. A rep calls, randomly (well... randomly in my eyes), stating that, because I've been using the service for so long, I qualify for an early upgrade. Yes! I'll take the upgrade! I want the Droid X! So I wait for release day, order my phone online, get back ordered with the possibility of getting one overnighted a week later at best, but then mysteriously get a shipping notification less than two days later. Weird, but thank you! And now I am here. I think I may be forced into droid rehab soon because I'm hooked!


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Nov 17, 2009
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:welcome: to the forum jsandersp!! Great to have posts like this! :D