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Nov 29, 2010
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Lincoln, NE
No timely updates, unreliable network and NOT THE MOST RELIABLE NETWORK!! 4G/LTE with CDMA is having a hard time coexisting on Verizon's network. These are all VErizon's problems and not Samsung. This phone was meant to work stock and not for people to root and rom!! The majority of the consumers bought this phone for it to work in its intended purpose. :mad:
The updates not coming in are likely Verizon's problems, but the network is VERY reliable and THE most reliable network. Verizon's been voted that in legit surveys and honors numerous times. ATT and Sprint are decent in my area too, but lots of times I get no service because they don't have as large variety of towers like Verizon. Also their WiMax and HSPA+ still aren't in my area yet, I have LTE working with Verizon.

As for Nexus problems and who has them.. I can't say. But usually the case is that the people that discover forums like these are because they were experiencing problems at one point or need help with other issues and stuff like that, whilst the majority of people are having no problems, therefore are not googling "My Nexus phone is working perfectly" to get DroidForums and other phone sites to pop up.

Anyways, glad you got a working phone man!
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Dec 20, 2011
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I have to disagree ^^

Verizon's lte network in the cities I've been in has been horribly unreliable but I don't ignorantly blame all of the lte phones I own. :D


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Dec 23, 2009
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This thread is significant of my feelings. When I first got my nexus I was excited but then angry at my radio issues. After going through 4 I really felt there was an issue and any one who said they did not have an issue was lying. But that is perspective. If all you see from every nexus you picked up was connection issues then to you all nexus has that issue. It was not until I finally got a good nexus that I was able to think differently. The thing is we forget about the past. I remember when I had the og droid and I was lucky to get a good one. But we did have people come on this forum and went through multiple droids whether it be because the keyboard was lifting, the screen had a problem, or the 3.5 mm headset. I say that because I too find myself complaining that Samsung qc department is lacking and that motorola would have been better. But the reality is that every android device has had its issues. The rezound may be the exception and I think its a mix of not getting as much love from customers and basically corrected the issues it had with the tbolt (now I think of it I do remember seeing a thread or 2 about a bad rezound but being the numbers sold were much less than the gnexus and razr the number of complaints will be less).
Also go to the razr and bionic forums and you will see that motorola devices are having their fair share of issues.

I have been paying attention to both the gsm and sprint's galaxy nexus to see the amount of complaints about the devices. If overall all three versions are having a high number of build and radio issues then its fair to say that samsung may have issues in the quality control department but right now without enough data its hard to tell. I do know that early on the nexus had its fair share of connection issues on vzw and because we had a mix of lte issues and bad devices it made it hard for us to really pin point the issue.

I agree with galaxyflactulence and benland about vzw not being the one to blame. They do not manufacture the device and since they do allow you to to exchange a troublesome device for an entirely different phone they give customers an out. Issues with the networks is a carrier issue. Issues with devices are that of the oem. To the op I am glad you got a good one I know the frustration of having a bad device. Benland its good you started out with a solid device so you know its not all nexus with that issue but it is frustrating if you have to go through multiple devices.

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Nov 11, 2009
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Must be lucky. Got my Nexus on day one and haven't had any connectivity problems at all.