files from PC to Droid via Bluetooth?


Mar 22, 2010
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...or via USB. Unless there's a step I'm missing, just connecting the USB cable only charges the Droid. It would be nice if there was a way to move files from PC today Droid (and vice versa) without having to remove the SD card!
You are missing a step.

When you connect the USB cable to the PC you should get a notification on the bar. Pull it down and choose to mount the SD card. It's actually discussed quite a bit here. Once it's mounted the SD card will show up as a removable drive on your PC.

Are you getting the notification?

As for BT, that's certainly also possible. You need a BT file transfer app on the Droid.
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I agree, once you plug in your SD card your computer will detect it.
I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't thought to look. I thought the PC would just read it as a storage device automatically as with my camera. Thanks for wising me up.
By the way, I did do a forum search; I guess I didn't use the right search terms.
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