Favorites widget and texting pics issues...


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Aug 16, 2010
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How to you edit your favorites list? Once I add the "People widget" to my screen, how do I add, remove, or edit? For instance, My sister defaulted or changed the default action to text rather than call?

And one of my biggest issues is I can not send pics via text!
Once I take a photo then I attempt to "share" thru text message, it changes the photo to a slide show, and the pic is never sent! Whats goin on here??
You can edit your favorites by editing the contact. Select favorite under groups. That should change that up. To default a certain number just long press the preferred number to default and select as primary number.
I can't help on the pics issue since I use Handcent and really dislike the stock messaging. Maybe that was why originally? I really can't remember.
Denakisland -
Sooooo....are you familiar with the "people" widget? Anyhow, on the favorites screen there are pictures of the people, there is an icon to the bottom right of the pic which is a default action. When you press there face it calls whatever number you had originally set to be the "default" action. Not the primary number. Sometimes it changes to a different default action....

and i use handscent aswell, how do you send a regular pic? It seems to convert the pic to a slideshow, and rarely sends it successfully.
Not sure how to really help since I really didn't like the favorites widget therefore didn't use it beyond the first few weeks. I know that I was able to edit what showed up there by actually editing the individual person. Beyond that I'm not sure!
And as for the pics, again, I don't have that problem. BUT to be totally fair I rarely send more than one picture at a time, so maybe that's why it sends it as a slide? Are you "sharing" it through handcent?
The favorites widget is buggy and inconsistent. You'll save your hair turning gray by just stop using it.
listen to lonewolf, he know's what he's talking about. dump the favorites widget and just create a shortcut to each of your favorites.