facebook integration has royally f'ed up my X


Feb 11, 2010
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So I signed in to my gmail, facebook, and twitter accounts when setting up the phone. Then it shows all my facebook contacts in my phone contacts. Well no one wants that, so I tried to correct it the same way I did on my original droid, open the facebook app and then change the sync options to "only sync with existing contacts". Lo and behold, there ISN'T a facebook app preinstalled. So I downloaded it and set that option. It didn't work, all still there. So then I completely removed the facebook account on my phone in "accounts" but that didn't work. I know I can just change the display group to google, but that's bs! How do I get these dang contacts off my phone while still having facebook functionality with my google contacts???

I ultimately factory reset the phone and did NOT sign into the facebook account on my phone. Well now I don't have ANY facebook integration with my contacts. So I thought maybe ill download the facebook app from the market and set that sync toggle to "only with existing contacts" but the option isn't even there! It shows up in the app on my D1 but not on my DX. That makes me question whether iit was there before I factory reset like I thought it was.

Anyway, this is behaving wildly differently than I expected. Can anyone help explain this to me? Also, before I factory reset, my contacts were all showing multiple linked facebook accounts with multipe bdays...just really weird stuff. I'm afraid to relogin to the facebook account on my phone because it'll ruin everything again...


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Jul 30, 2010
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Penn's Woods
I have similar issues and concerns. Have you noticed that the native app, no matter your contact settings are, will make a second contacts book called something like "nativeFacebook". This would be in addition to the FB contacts that show up when you register the account with the social networking/messaging app.

Personally I would like to use the native app for viewing FB and syncing my notifcations with the phone. I'd also like to be able to pull down pics of contacts from FB manually, without the phone trying to sync up with FB all the time and pulling everyone's info down...which can cause slowdown if you have a very large number of friends.

I'm willing to do a little tweaking in the meantime, but I don't really think any combo of the native app + the moto apps is going to work.

Does anyone know of an app that will import contact photos for you manually?