Facebook Contact Sync Issues (Duplicate numbers & Rediculous Names)


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Oct 3, 2010
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Recently I tried consolidating all my contact data, and now I've run into a few little annoyances. I hope someone can help...

I spent about 8 hours modifying my contacts, and created identical profiles in my phone and Google contacts. I then decided to bring facebook into this for supplemental info (mostly pics and birthdays, but some contact stuff).

Concerning contact "names": Some of my friends have taken it upon themselves use ridiculous monikers or nicknames on facebook. I have yet to find the determining factor, but some of these have taken "priority" over real names.

Example: "Steve Smith" appears as "Steve Motherloving Longname Smith."

The fact that only some of them have makes me think this might be fixable.

My other issue is that phone numbers are now duplicate, with a "+" in front of the facebook variant.

Example: "1.555.555.5555" appears with "+1-555-555-5555"

I am currently hypothesizing that this might have something to do with facebookee's choice of deviders, and inclusion (or lack off) an area code, but I haven't put much research into this yet.

Has anyone been having similar issues, and/or found a solution?