Facebook chat "Pop" sound?


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Dec 10, 2009
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Does anyone know how to get the chat "Pop" sound from Facebook?

I'd like to use it as a notification sound for my text messages, it's short and quiet enough to use at work. Does it download the sound into my browser (Chrome) and I can pick it up there?

My friend has an EVO and it seems that the sound is built into the phone, I've seen that people who have the Droid Incredible also have the sound. Where can I get the mp3 itself??? at least then I could use an app like RingDroid to create it myself, but I can't even find a sound file.

Any information would be beneficial, what I've found running google searches has been relatively useless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

make a folder named notifications on your sdcard, change the .zip to .m4a then put it in that folder. You will now be able to select it as a notification sound.
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freedi youtube downloader (free app)

open the app and search for it (through the app). When you think you found it, you can preview it to make sure.

Save as mp3.

You can also trim up the sound if it's just a long video sound of what you want and more. All my sound effects are done that way.
i thought facebook automatically installs it in the media/notifications folder? i dunno, thats where mine is, and i also use it for all of my notifications.