face dial/ call mute


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May 9, 2010
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I love my droid but my face is always dialing in call and either hanging up or muting my voice. Is there any app such that dialing or hanging up requires a slide similar to wheen u unlock the phone? Such a thing would save my sanity.
do you hold the phone next to your ear? the only reason the screen would come on is if you let a significant amount of light in between your phone and your head
Sometimes. But today for instance I feel like I definitely kept it very tight to my ear and I still had the same problem. Regardless, I feel like its not too much to ask to not have to think about it.
I downloaded Screen Suite and it fixed it for me.. have not had a problem since
You are very welcome! I ended up buying it after the trial ran out... it is good app.
Yea I think Screen Suite should be a must have app. I think the Droid needs a better screen/keypad lock.

For anyone that think they have the infamous mute issue, try this app before taking your phone back to Verizon.