ezeStand and the HTC Droid Incredible


Feb 17, 2010
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I've had many questions about how the ezeStand will work with the Droid Incredible. So here's what I have found after buying and experimenting with the Incredible ...

The good news is that the HTC Droid Incredible fits great in the ezeStand in either Landscape or Portrait orientation. As noted on other threads, the Incredible does not have a magnetic activation mechanism to change the user interface into Multimedia mode. The USB charging port is in a different location when compared to the Motorola Droid and as a result, the USB cable cannot be plugged in while the Incredible is sitting in portrait orientation. When in landscape orientation, the Incredible will need to shift left or right from center position on the stand to plug in the cable. Also, note that the right angle cable offered on our website will route in the opposite direction on the Incredible (which might actually be better for the Incredible) since HTC has flipped the micro USB orientation compared to Motorola. Rear phone features such as the speaker, camera, and flash are completely unblocked in either oreintation.

I bought the Incredible for my daughter (and for research purposes :)) and she uses the ezeStand daily. If she wants to charge while in the ezeStand she simply flips the phone over and plugs it in. When done charging its back to vertical or horizontal seating. Here are some pictures to view and thanks to all Droid Forum members for your support and encouragement with the ezeStand product.