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Jan 8, 2010
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Hey, got the Droid(Motorola) a few days ago, got it rooted, and I have the free terminal app. I was wondering why terminal commands such as wget, tar, zip, sudo, etc etc etc are not included with the AndroidOS. I know applications have a lot more functionality because one app was able to unzip a tar, but it'd be really nice to get them in the terminal. I'm guessing you'd need to get the original bin files from Linux itself and put them in there. But I'm not sure if that'll work or not. So is there a way to do it? It'd be really nice.

One other thing, I'm also trying to get a simple bash script executing but chmod doesn't wanna make it executable, I kepp getting Permission Denied

Thanks a lot guys


Dec 11, 2009
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I have noticed that I can not chmod stuff on the SDCARD ... I imagine it is a file system like FAT16 where the whole thing is mounted with the same permissions.

Also, understand that all of GNU/Linux is not included.

You can either use ash (from busybox) or bash from alldroid to get some added functionality, but this is not a fully functioning linux by a long shot. I have not tried this, but you could probably add arm compiled libraries to /system/lib and then some of the arm compiled binaries.

I have just added a bunch of these lines to my bash_profile file :

alias cp='busybox cp'
alias ls='busybox ls'