Exchanging the phone...


Dec 9, 2009
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I hate the battery cover on my phone...it slides open wayyyy too easily. I went back to the store yesterday and told them about the problem but all they did was give me another cover. Is this issue big enough that I should try to exchange it for another phone? And yes I am over my 30 day return policy, got it on day one... Any advise? Thanks a lot!

ps. Love the phone otherwise...
Does the new cover fit well? It seems that if the new cover fits well then there is no need to exchange the phone. I think the fix in newer phones for the loose covers is that the engineers placed a slighly thicker pad on the back of the battery cover. so, you have all that a new droid would have if it works ok now.
The one that they gave me is pretty much the same as the original... I think the problem is with the actual phone and not the cover. I just want to exchange it but am not sure if I should even bother trying if they wont exchange it...
There have been two videos posted on ways to fix this. One is to bend the cover slightly down the middle. I don't like this method. The next was to pry the metal receptacle part up a bit to make the indent fit more snugly. Don't like this method either. What I did was to slightly bend the cover from hook to hook in the other direction. This forces the top half of the cover up to fit more snugly. In other I bent it in the same direction (parallel) as the indent. Works much better,
Take it back and tell them to give you a new phone. You shouldn't have to do a "fix" for this. Mine is tight as can be, I really got to pull hard to get it off.
You shouldn't have to "Fix" anything. I would exchange the device. But be aware they will probably send you a refurbished device. Not that it is an issue just thought that was info you needed.