Evernote not showing images in text note


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Feb 8, 2010
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I've sent this question to Evernote support but since I don't have a Premium account it goes to the bottom of the list so I thought I'd direct it to all of you who are using Evernote on your Droids.
I have put some web pages and other things into the PC 3.5 version of Evernote. When it syncs the images contained in the note show in the thumbnails but not in the note itself on the Droid. Everything works fine on the PC and on my iPod touch.
Evernote says it should work on the Droid also but I have not been able to see the images. they suggested I sign out of Evernote on the Droid and sign back in. When I did that the images showed in the thumbs but still not in the note (previously they did not show in the thumbs either). I've rebooted my Droid but still No Joy.
Is anyone else using Evernote on their Droid having this same issue? I'm trying to narrow the problem.
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On Friday, I finally migrated all of my notes from Outlook into my Droid using Evernote. On Sunday, I needed to refer to a note only to find all of them missing due to network error. Had no idea that the notes were stored in a cloud and not locally on the device. First thing I did this morning was install Note Everything. Took two minutes to import notes from Outlook. Uninstalling evernote now. Hope this helps.