Evernote for Android


May 4, 2010
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Evernote tunes your Android phone into an extension of your brain. This award-winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put everything into Evernote and watch as it all instantly synchronizes from your phone to the Web to your PC.

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  • Store endless information with the ability to quickly recall with one-word search
  • Synchronization between your Android phone and the online Evernote site for access anywhere

  • Must have internet access to retrieve information, data not stored natively.
Evernote has updated its Android client which is now pretty much on par with its iPhone counterpart, if not better. There are tons of improvements and feature updates with Evernote even saying this is the “biggest leap in functionality we’ve ever had on any platform in a single release.” Here’s what’s included:

  • New Home screen – cleaner and more intuitive with fast access to your notes. It also displays synchronization status.
  • New Search interface – the Search magnifying glass is now visible at the top of every screen so you can quickly jump to Search from anywhere. The Search screen lets you create new searches, view previous ones, access saved searches and search for things near your current location. Furthermore, once you get the results, you can filter down the list of tags, notebooks, saved and previous searches.
  • New views, more options – there’s a little tab at the bottom of the note screen, tapping which will display all the notes in your current search. From here you can also swipe left and right through the thumbnails to quickly switch between notes. Very cool!
  • Easier sorting and browsing – you can group notes by notebook, location, or month and use the scroller to switch between sections. Moreover, you can also tap and hold on any of the notes in the list to quickly access note options like Edit, Delete, Note info, Email, Map view, Tagging and more.
  • Offline notebooks for Premium users – the single most requested feature is now available for the Android users, too (it was an iPhone thing only until this release).
  • Simpler note creation and multiple attachments – you can attach anything to your notes, images, PDF and audio files included.
  • Google Search will now search through your Evernote notes!
  • Ability to make multiple Evernote shortcuts on the homescreen. You can link some specific note and/or note search(es) to the homescreen.
  • Evernote widget is also improved and is now even easier to access to creating notes, searching, or just jumping to the Evernote home screen.