Events/Reminders on calendar show up multiple times


Nov 20, 2009
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West Allis, WI
Sometimes when I save things as an event/reminder on my calendar it'll duplicate and show up multiple times. I save it only once and look at the calendar and it's there more than once. No clue why this is happening. Anyone else have this problem or know what it might be?
I was so happy to find your post! I'm having the EXACT same problem!

I've also noticed a few other weird things going on with Outlook calendar. For instance, there were literally hundreds of calendars. You know where you can see all your calendars - where usually you see your current one and any archived ones you may have. Well those were there, along with hundreds of others that had been given computer-generated names that all looked something like X0193829172347.

I had to delete them one by one and it took forever. Once deleted I thought that would solve the problem, but it didn't. I have several other calendars in that list, but I only have one checked. So I'm only actually using the one current calendar. The rest are old archived calendars. So it's not making any sense that every appointment alert I get shows 3 copies of each entry! Pretty annoying.

I'm glad to see someone else experiencing it though! I hope someone might have a clue what's going on.
I've disconnected from exchange, reset everything, and reconnected and same thing.

As soon as I finish the exchange sync setup, it seems to start 'overwriting' all the exchange appointments with duplicate information. Then outlook interprets that as new information entered (along with reminders) and I get an onslaught of reminders from outlook.

I've also had issues where I would create an appointment on the phone (or even just edit one) and it would appear 7 or more times in outlook.

What's really strange is it didn't do this the first 2 weeks I had it. It seemed to work seamlessly. I think something in the sync module has gotten 'out of sync'
What client are you using on the Driod and on the PC/workstation? It sounds like your server is an Exchange server...what version?

As a general rule your emails, appointments and tasks/reminders should be stored on the server and your clients should be set up in exchange mode -- not pop3/smtp. This way all the data is on the server and the clients (both the phone and your desktop pc) simply pole the data from the server. I set my clients to sync every 15 minutes and I don't feel like I am missing anything but you can set them to push and get instant sync...but lose some battery life.

If you are using pop3 / smptp on your clients and checking the box to leave data on your server then the client on your desktop is sending tasks/appts to your server, the phone grabs it, and then the nexct sync will send the same data to the have two tasks that are identicle. If you're using a third party app that syncs to the desktop outlook cleint instead of the exchange server the same thing happens. The thrird party app grabs the appointment from the desktop and then the android sync syncs that data back to the server. Get rid of all that crap and set the cleints to work in exchange mode.

The only draw back to exchange mode is that when I take my laptop on the road I have to use the Outlook Web Client through my browser to connect to the exchange server and it is slow. But that is a minnor inconvenience compared to having multiple tasks and appointments.

I'm using the builtin froyo exchange sync. I'm using Outlook on the desktop. All interaction is done through exchange sync (no direct desktop to droid connections)

It's exchange 2003. We'll be upgrading to 2007 in the next month or so.

Everything on the phone (contacts, calendar entries and email ) were all sync'd in via the exchange sync. I don't create anything locally on the phone. I have no other accounts on the phone (except the gmail account which isn't used at all). It is set to receive automatically.

When you say set the clients to work in 'exchange mode' are you referring to Outlook or the Droid? Outlook is definitely connected through the exchange connector, and when i'm away I use a vpn so it's still connected the same way.

Thanks for the reply. If you have any other insights, let me know.