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Nov 18, 2009
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Just wondering if anyone knows if they are making an app for the android market that mirrors the one on the iphone. i love their mobile sportscenter app, ive tried sportstap and live scores and neither are as good as ESPN's
Amazing, I just logged on to start this exact thread. I agree, sportstap is a sorry excuse for a sports application - it doesn't refresh enough, often times I can't even get the score because it doesn't think the game has started yet, etc. etc. etc.

One of the biggest draws for me, a huge sports fan, to getting the Droid was the ability to have access to scores and stuff on the go. NFL Superfan was a great start, but ESPN needs to get on an android app! Somebody make it happen!
just go to

If you've ever used the ESPN app on an iphone, you'd realize how much nicer it is then having to go to the ESPN mobile site and click around 8 different screens just to find game times/scores/etc
They have to do it, and soon! Hopefully in before this NFL season is over. I hadn't even checked on the availability - just assumed this would be out for a while now.
i wouldnt even know who to email to see any progress on it
yes i was really surprised not to see this. even the espn mvp on the voyager was nice. i cant stand the sportstap and i have tried several other sports apps but dont like any of them. would love to see a espn sportscenter app.
does anyone who the developer of the ESPN app is that we could get in contacnt with
SportsTap was garbage and Google's Scoreboard was horribly slow, but I finally found an app called Live Scores I'm pretty happy with. You might want to check it out.

Unfortunately, it won't tell me any scores I care about until August. Man I hate basketball.
Checked it out and it is ok, but still nothing like the ESPN gamecenter I've seen on the iPhone.

I also wanted to revive this thread because there HAS to be more sports fans out there who are as severely disappointed as we seem to be. Come on droiders, let's hear it!!
Please everyone keep emailing ESPN and let them know how anxious we all are. They told me they are working on one, but there is no timetable for a release as of now. Just don't hope and wait. Email em!
I hope they put out ESPN MVP like I had on my last Verizon phone. I sure miss that app.

I don't have any complaints about SportsTap, I just like ESPN better.

The Droid is my first smartphone. Even having no experience with other sports apps, I can still confidently say that all the ones on the Android Market are lacking. The only thing getting me by right now is NBA Gamtime Light, and thats only because its basketball season... A one-stop ESPN app designed for the Android OS would be very nice. It cant come too soon, as others have said.