Enter / Return key on keypad sends text messages... grrrr


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Nov 14, 2009
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Has anyone found this as aggravating as I have? The "Enter" or "Return" key on the keypad is situated right below the backspace key and if I accidentally hit that instead of backspace while composing a text message, it will send the message! Who thought that was a good idea?? Why doesn't it just give me a carriage return in my text message like I expect it to?

Anyway, has anyone found a setting, app, or any way to disable this broken functionality? Maybe even a note somewhere that the Google or Verizon intends to fix this?

(besides that and a few minor bugs, I really do love this phone!)
Holy crap! I just did this twice. I had to switch to using the screen keyboard. That joystick on the mechanical key pad takes way too much room. They should have dedicated more room/space for the keys.
It works the same way with an IM program on the PC. If you hit the Enter key, it sends the message. Text messages aren't designed to be 'formatted' with carriage returns. You can't get too fancy with 160 characters.
after sending 3 fragmented txt messages, I started using the touch keypad... As a result Ive become pretty comfortable with the touch keypad and am using the hard keyboard less than I thought I would.
Well, with this being as my first keyboard phone, I really have no problems with the return key. I guess I got used to it when I was practicing.