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Nov 9, 2009
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Hey everyone! I'll be posting some game emulator videos in here and be able to give some information on how to use them. Rate my videos if you can. Thanks!
Gameboid GBA Emulator

Here's the GBA Emulator (Gameboid)

[video=youtube;baVwsE5xZ_Y]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baVwsE5xZ_Y]YouTube - Gameboid on Motorola Droid (GBA Emulator)[/video]
Nice video man.

But What if we can't get the roms to show up on the sd card?
I'd be interested in learning any emulators that allow you to flip the phone in landscape and put the dpad on the left. FYI Jrioni MAME emulator does this. I can't play games with pad on right. I have tried and I am so bad at it it's just not worth trying.

Anyone know any that do this?
i've heard snesoid does..the paid version not the lite. and not sure about the others. i'd like to know if nesoid does though.
all of yongzh's emulators (which is pretty much all of them) allow you to flip the phone upside down so you can put the d-pad on the left side.

i don't see any use for it, however, as your hands will basically cover the screen and it's not a natural position. i just learned to live with it.