email notification using browser??


Nov 16, 2010
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My wife uses a gmail account that she has to log onto using a browser. Is there a way she can be notified when she gets an email through this account? It seems that the native Droid Pro notifications and any apps use a pure email, like google, not a gmail through a browser. thanks.
Why does she have to access it through a browser? The only option I can think of would be automatic forwarding from that account to one on your phone.

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Corporate account

My wife is a realtor and the company uses a corporate account and she has to log onto that corporate account to get her emails, which are in the gmail format.

The log on is like this: When she is logged on, then she gets her email. I have her droid Pro setup to receive normal emails and she gets notified by an aural alert and in the notification bar for all the normal gmails, but no notification for the corporate email.
Also K9 is a great Multiple Email Account Alternative
Figured it out!!!!

I first had to add an account, which I did by going to settings, accounts and add an account. I selected an email account. The account has to be configured manually.

I used Gmail Help and got to the page that was labeled: ANDROID and view instructions for Google Apps email addresses.

It then showed how to manually configure the Android device using IMAP settings.

Incoming settings:

User name: enterfull google apps email address
IMAP server: enter
Port: enter 993
Security type: select secure

select NEXT

Outgoing server settings:

SMTP server: enter
Port: enter 465
Security type: secure ( SSL)

Then, while I was in the Email account, I selected Settings,Notifications and then Selected a Ringtone.

Now when she gets a corporate email, she gets a notification