Email from Combined Inbox - Cannot reply


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Jan 5, 2010
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Palm Beach FL
I have 3 E-mail accounts: Default is Gmail, second is a pop 3, third is an AOL e-mail address.
When mail arrives in the "combined inbox" and I select reply the mail goes to the out box and remains there. If I click on "send mail" send icon spins and thennI receive and error message connection failed. If I select compose mail use the E-mail address from the mail received the mail sends without a problem. I have gone to each of the accounts and checked incoming and outgoing settings on all three and they all work no indication of a connection problem. I cannot reply to E-mail I've called Verizon tech support (an oxymoron I know more about a Droid than their techs, I posted this on Motoarola's Droid forum and t'the only suggestion was power off and on - battery pull and restart this did not resolve the problem.
Thanks in advance
Stop using the default email client. See sig.
Stop using the default email client. See sig.

Understand, but...what about if your ISP does not support TLS, so what happens is when I respond from gmail, rather than sending from my other ISP email address (that people are sending to and I'm receiving through gmail), my response email address says "sent from me@gmail on behalf of [email protected]". I think Starpower (RCN, same company) is the only ISP that has this issue. Anyone know a workaround here?

Also, yeh the corporate app email sucks, but, gmail does not seem to refresh for me when it should (critical when I have my work email going through it too). Sometimes its 5 minutes, other times its literally all day. this is a show-stopper. And, attachments seem to open much less in gmail then in corporate email app. Lastly, I really don't like the layout/UI of gmail...for example, when I want to reply, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the email to find the reply option.

Sorry to be so negative, I'm just so frustrated with the horrible email apps on this phone in this day and age...otherwise I love my droid.
Thanks 640K. I almost missed out on a new job because I couldn't reply to an email on my home account from my droid.
Routing everything through Gmail makes it way more efficient and it actually works now. Thanks!
i have 2 gmail accounts. i have routed my secondary one into my primary one (which is on my droid x) using POP. however, i am unable to choose which account i want to send mail from (either through compose or reply) on my droid x. i am able to choose between accounts on the desktop version of gmail but not on the droid app. any ideas?