May 16, 2010
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Alright, i flashed to motaboy's 2.40 full rom release and got a problem. Followed his directions and now i am effed. my droid boots fine and goes to the "touch the android to begin", but i can not touch him enough to get passed the screen. so i'm stuck there. also i have no signal as if i have no radio. no prob, sbf... but i cannot for the life of me get rsd to see the d2. i have 4.7 w/ patch, run as admin, installed moto drivers. nothing. when i connect d2 to pc i get a cannot install driver for S Flash OMAP3630 M error. I am at a stand still. I cannot get clockwork to start, i'm stuck. Anything anyone has to offer is great, but if you can resist i would appreciate only comments that would help better my situation.
Did you install Clockwork Recovery and make a nandroid backup before flashing the ROM?

If so:

Boot up D2
Pull battery when boot animation (eye) appears
Put battery back in, and start up again
You'll go into Clockwork Recovery
Restore your nandroid backup

If not:

Go to the SBF thread (http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-2-rooted-help/76378-droid-2-sbf.html) and look at the last post in the thread (I just added it toniight) for what to do when you want to SBF and your D2 won't boot up into the OS properly.

See if that helps.
Yeah i had cw installed with bootstrapper but i cannot get it to boot into it anymore... i'm looking at that link, thanks for the response
yeah, i dunno... my phone is being wicked crappy right now. i followed that post and cannot get my phone to show in rsd. its in bootloader, but rsd has no idea it even exists...
sounds like a usb driver issue...if you're in bootloader and have a normal status there, it should connect.

Try reinstalling the drivers, make sure you have the most current ones..

The steps to launch CW Recovery above didn't work?
You can also try this to launch CW Recovery - worked for someone else:

-Boot into stock recovery by holding X while powering up
-Hit the magnifying glass on the keyboard to open recovery menu
-Highlight reboot and hit "ok" on the keyboard
-When you get the "M" screen pull the battery
-Power back up and it will go to Clockwork recovery
Guess what...

it was the damn usb cable... just as i was about to get pissed and do something i would most certainly regret, i went into my crate-o-cables and pulled out my bb storm1 cable and plugged the phone in... just like that the sum***** shows up like david copperfield snapped his fingers and bam... sbf'ed and she is up and running again... for anyone who has an issue with getting your droid to show up in rsd, try another cable. i was using the cable that came with my droid and it is good for nothing but charging. problem averted, redflea, thank you so much for helping me out, i appreciate your time and help more than you know