Editting docs on droid ??


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Nov 22, 2009
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I am holding off on getting the droid until I know if I can edit my word docs.. when I receive e-mail I need to respond with a word doc template that i edit....will the droid allow me to do this ??

I am switching from the sprint mogul 6800 -- whuch runs on a windows platform -- i love it, but my phone is broken (slider keyboard is onlt attached on 1 side now...) and will cost me $100 to replace, so I might as well go 2.0 ....

any info would be appreciated.

Documents to Go in the Market claims to do this but only in the paid version which is $30. The free version allows you to only read. Word and Excel files.
Dataviz Docs to Go

Use Dataviz Docs To Go to edit MS word, excel, and powerpoint including 2007 versions (file extensions ending in "x". You can find it in the market place. It works well. I used it D2G on a Treo before this. You can do most of what you need editing wise and in landscape mode works well.

You do need to get use to the keyboard however.

One other gotcha. The native exchange client doens't download and save attachments, so you probbaly want to get an Exchange client. I tried RoadSynch by Dataviz but it is is very limited. I settled on Touchdown which is better, but not perfect.