eBuddy / Nimbuzz problems -- Am I the only one?


Feb 16, 2010
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Spokane, WA
eBuddy -- I love the app, it works great; but after several hours, I go to check to see who is online and I realized I have to log in again to see. I am assuming it is logging me out so whenever that had happened, I was not online for who knows how long. I know there is no settings for this--am I the only one with the problem, anyone know if it will be fixed?

Nimbuss -- I actually prefer Nimbuzz over these other IM apps, but wow it Force closes ALL THE TIME. What kind of success have you had with this? Out off all the IM clients that bring together multiple accounts, Nimbuzz seems to be the only one that doesn't disconnect on it's own (although I have had good luck with Meebo lately, but it had an awful look to it). I just wish Nimbuss would be more stable. I wonder if it would help to uninstall reinstall?