Easy Way to have custom boot animation.


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Feb 25, 2010
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So after trying so hard to have a custom animation and trying to follow the directions from here:

I decided to venture out and find my own way and succedded.
This is what i did.

First you need to have everything rooted and have access to DroidRootHelper app and everything already extracted to the tools folder.
For that instructions please go here:

First download your preferable animation. I got mine from here:
Boot Animations - Droidboots

Download the .zip and store it some where you can find it.
Next Mount your droid to your computer.
Go into your SD card and navigate to the tools folder.
Then go into the bootanimation folder.
Now replace the bootanimation.zip you just downloaded with the one that is already there.
After that is done close out of everything and unmount your SD card.

Now go into your droid and open DroidRootHelper.
Scroll down to the bottom and click "Flash bootanimation.zip(mount first and have busybox installed)"

let that run and once it finished and reboot.

you should now have the custom animation installed.
This was way easier then tryin to go into the command prompt and messing with all of those other folders.
Not sure if this has already been figured out but I never saw it.