Early Adopter G1 owner, happy to have found your forum!


Nov 4, 2009
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Hi! I bought my G1 on Nov 2, 2008, 10 days after it was released. My G1 is rooted and has a Cyanogen build on it. Cyanogen's builds are the most stable and most popular roms for the G1, far and away. I live in sunny Phoenix, AZ

I was really pleased to find this forum today, and quickly joined!

I really like the Android OS, and intend to stay with it. I am interested in upgrading to a phone with a faster processor and a physical keyboard. So I am watching the droid closely. Once it is out, if: 1) it can be successfully rooted, and 2) if stable roms are available for it, then I am very likely going to break my T-Mobile contract to go to VZ to get a droid. If the answer to either of those questions is no, then I will definitely (but sadly) pass on the droid and wait for a more advanced Android phone with keyboard that can be rooted. There are so many advantages to a rooted Android phone that I can't imagine having a non-rooted Android phone and wouldn't really be happy with one.

Looking forward to lurking and learning on this forum. Thanks to those who started and moderate it!