DX market place vs DX2 market place


Jun 2, 2011
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California, USA
My co worker got the DX2 couple days ago. He asked m to show him how to work the phone since I have DX1. As I was showing him his phone I noticed he had gtunes on his home screen. I asked him how did he get that he said it came with the phone. From what I recall gtunes was taking out of the market place (correct me if im wrong) just odd but didn't bother me. He asked me how he can get netflix in his phone I showed him but he couldn't download it from market bcuz it wasn't available. This struck me odd. So I looked on my phone came up and said installed. So I typed gtunes on his market and it also came up installed. His android version comes up 2.2.2 but mine is 2.3.3. Does this conflict with app market as in what's available for ur phone?
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