Dusk-type lighting conditions turn off phone when camera is on


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Feb 4, 2011
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You read it right. My Droid 2 Global's camera works great, almost. It's a Verizon with the original SIM card and no kind of hacks.
For the last year, when I turn on the camera and the ambient light is not bright, not quite dark, the phone screen goes dark, just as it does if you leave it alone for five minutes or however long it is. In those lighting conditions, sometimes I can get it to stay on by pointing it at a light, but often if I then point away at what I want to photograph, it shuts down before I can take a photo.

By "shut down" I mean I can hit the button at the top and start up the camera again with the slider, but if it's still on camera, sometimes I cannot have the phone active long enough to exit camera.

I'm using the camera program that came with the phone. What the heck?