Durring calls unit mutes/goes into speaker mode....


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Nov 10, 2009
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So guys durring phone calls my phone will wake up (screen turns on) and my face will hit the mute and or speaker phone buttons. Any one else have this issue? I have tried to hold the phone different ways while talking to no avail.
I know users have been reporting that it won't wake back up out of the sleep mode, maybe a bad sensor. But a question i have for you, is do you bring your head away from the phone at all while your talking? or is it always in the same place?
Always in the same place like I have used my iPhone and touch pro 2, that use the same sensor, without out any issue from them. Is this a common issue with all droids, should I swap it out or do you think it just needs a software update.
Not a common issue, i mean i think maybe one or two i think so far have reported it being bad, but it was bad for a different reason. It could be a bad sensor, If your looking at returning it, i would back up all my data I had on it, and test out a hard reset first. Sometimes it fixes weird issues with things.
Good idea....is there any useful backup app to the SD card?
I have 3 month old Droid and it does the same thing since the day I got it. It is driving me crazy and seems to be getting worse. I have to call people back in the middle of my conversations. It appears this is a problem that has been going on for some time. They should have a fix for this. We shouldn't have to purchase a fix from an ap store.