Dual sim disabled? (DSDS/(DSDA)


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Feb 13, 2024
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Fold 4
I have the Samsung Fold 4.

Its a "dual sim" phone.
I currently have one physical card, and the other is E-sim.

The problem is:
I cant use them simultanously , this worked fine with my old note 9 (!) many years ago.
But not on a new 2023 model fold.

Back then I could easily use 2 different simcards (also different providers)
and change between them at will.
For example run all data on SIMCARD#1 , but calls and text on SIMCARD#2.

And within the interface - it was really easy to divide them with colors.
I could send a text - and then choose with number to use, and so to speak keep
private numbers separated from work-number...
Calls and text where always forwarded to the phone for maximal reach.

According to some people, and printscreens , there is a toggle and a sub-menu:
Settings / communication / sim-manager / data switching & backup

+ also another level of a sub-setting called:

Settings / communication / sim-manager / more SIM options / dual sim always active

= But they are all disabled in my phone, therefore the red color. Illustrating I cant reach them or change them at all.
Is it really a hardware problem? or is this some setting that can be accessed?
My operator say the phone is not locked to them, so it should not be a carrier problem