'dropped' or incomplete incoming calls ... chime in


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Jan 3, 2010
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as the title says ...

for me it's been about 1 month now i have noticed that some callers don't even hear a ring tone when they call me. on my end i hear about 2-3 rings tops, as i accept the call to say hello the call disconnects.

verizon had me do an activation (*228), that didn't resolve it. today i called in again and they changed my default ring time from 20 sec. to 30 sec. before a call goes into voicemail.

so far, the destinations that have called me and experienced this issue say the calls are going thru fine, on my end i am hearing my phone ring 6 times before it goes into vm.

anyone else experience this issue ? i asked about network and tower issues, but they said they had no issues.